Mr Muck's Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix

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Mr Muck's Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix

10 X 60ltr sacks, approximately 600ltrs

20 X 60ltr sacks, approximately 1200ltrs

30 X 60ltr sacks, approximately 1800ltrs

40 X 60ltr sacks, approximately 2400ltrs


About This Product

What is Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix? 

Mr Mucks Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix  is a A blend of Mushroom compost and manure with straw. Not only is our This  compost an exceptional soil conditioner, it is very economical to use on a large scale.

Mr Mucks Manure & Mushroom Compost is a mix of farm yard manures and mushroom compost  with straw. Not only is our this compost an exceptional soil conditioner, it is very economical to use on a large scale. It will improve the structure of heavy clay soils, add humus to thin sandy or chalky soils, enrich all soils and supply nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.

Mr mucks Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix will also increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs.

Why use Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix

This compost is excellent for soil modification as it can radically enhance plant growth, even in the deprived type of soils. This is due to the fact that most of the amended compost serves effectively to improve the clay soil structure, increase soil fertility and lessen the chances of surface crusting as well as compaction. It can also help to improve drainage and ensure that the most natural nutrients are provided to plants which automatically minimises  the need to use fertiliser. Overall, this form of compost is highly beneficial to the soil quality.

    Trusted by customers across the UK

    We have supplied our products to some very high profile clients including English Heritage,  The Royal Horticultural Society, Leeds and Nottingham Universities and recently The Big Allotment Challenge TV programme.



    How to use

    How to use Farm Yard Manure & Mushroom Compost Mix As a fertiliser and soil amendment, mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of applications such as herbaceous beds, shrubs, vegetables and landscaping.

    • Mulching – use 5-6 inches (13-16 cm) of Mr Mucks Mushroom Compost as a mushroom mulch around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to feed plants, suppress weed growth reduce the loss of nutrients from the soil and minimise the work of weeding borders. Through the summer the mulch will retain moisture and protect the soil from drying from sun and wind movement.
    • Soil conditioning – bring dead soil back to life, use Mr Mucks Mushroom Compost in heavy clay soils to improve the condition or use in light sandy soils to give body and retain moisture. Use 5-6 inches (13-16 cm) forked well into the soil to improve the condition of the soil, reducing heaviness and adding nutrients.


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