North West England

Delivery of garden supplies in North West England

We offer a fast and reliable delivery of our gardening products to any location in North West England including cities, towns and villages in the following regions:

  • Cumbria
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside
  • Greater Manchester
  • Cheshire

Mr Muck’s composts & mulches

Mr Muck’s composts are delivered in conveniently sized bags which are sealed, easy to move and convenient to store:

  • Organic manure compost – top quality, clean and easy to use fertiliser.
  • Mushroom compost – a perfect mix of manures and straw inoculated with mushroom spawn.
  • Ericaceous compost – specially formulated for growing acid-loving plants.
  • Farm yard manure & compost mix - an exceptional soil conditioner.
  • Bark Mulch - sourced 100% within the British isles. 

Enquires & orders in North West England

Please refer to the national delivery page for delivery timescales. 


Trade & association enquiries

We also welcome trade enquires from tradespeople or associations requiring larger quantities of Mr Muck’s products.