Laying a lawn

When laying new turf, prepare the soil with 1/2 inch (1cm) of Mr Muck’s manure compost, fork well into the soil, lay turfs and tamp down to ensure no air pockets remain. Water well and do not allow turf to dry out, keep well moistened.

For seeding new lawns, rake and level removing large stones and any debris. Prepare the soil with 1 inch (1-2cm) of Mr Muck’s organic compost, rake well into the soil. Sow the seed and water well, do not allow the soil to dry out keeping the soil moist until the seed is established in 3-5 weeks.

Established lawns will benefit from a feed with Mr Muck’s organic compost. Use a minimum of 1/2inch (1cm) and rake or brush well into the lawn.

Additionally our compost can be used to fill holes or dips in lawns and used for patching or lawn repairs ensuring that lawns are maintained in pristine condition