Feeding & Mulching


Mr Muck’s organic horse manure compost forked well into the soil will give plants a gentle slow release feed through the summer and help to retain moisture. Use a generous layer for best results.

Summer mulching

Use 2-3inches (5-7cm) of horse manure compost around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to feed plants, suppress weed growth reducing loss of nutrients from the soil and minimise the work of weeding borders. Through the summer the mulch will retain moisture and protect the soil from drying from sun and wind movement.

Soil conditioning

Bring dead soil back to life. Use when manure is recommended, all year round. Use horse manure compost in heavy clay soils to improve the condition or use in light sandy soils to give body and retain moisture. Use 2-3inches (5-7cm) forked well into the soil to improve the condition of the soil, reducing heaviness and adding nutrients. The soil can be planted immediately.