Rock Salt Winter Grit

Rock Salt Winter Grit

Rock salt winter grit available in bulk or smaller sealed bags, ideal for clearing ice and snow.


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We offer a reliable, professional service for domestic & trade customers, delivery to all regions within 5 working days.

Clear snow & ice with Mr Muck’s rock salt grit

Mr Muck’s rock salt grit is highly effective for de-icing areas used by people and vehicles in Winter. The rock salt grit should be used before heavy frosts or snowfall to prevent slippery surfaces, alternatively, it can be used as a fast-acting de-icer when surfaces have become frozen and hazardous. Our rock salt grit is available to buy in convenient sealed bags or bulk for nationwide delivery and is ideal for the following situations:

  • Preventing ice forming on roads, driveways, pavements and car parks
  • Clearing roads, driveways and pavements of snow and ice
  • Providing traction in freezing weather

Our rock salt grit, sometimes referred to as gritting salt is generally used by individuals and businesses who wish to maintain a safe access to their property or premises in freezing weather conditions. It is ideal for preventing ice from forming and clearing ice and snow. Mr Muck’s rock salt winter grit is available in the following quantities:

  • Bulk bags which contain approximately 1 tonne
  • Smaller, sealed and easy to carry and store bags of approximately 25kg

Don’t get caught out or stranded this winter, buy winter rock salt grit online from Mr Muck for immediate delivery throughout the UK.

Trade Enquiries

We offer professional and cost-effective services for tradespeople or associations requiring larger quantities of Mr Muck’s products, some of our existing clients include:

  • Landscape gardeners
  • Allotment associations
  • Property developers
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Golf courses
  • Local councils

We offer delivery throughout the UK to your specified address.


We are flexible and happy to supply the exact quantity of organic manure, mushroom or ericaceous compost and bark mulch that you require. All our products are supplied in airtight sealed bags.


Our trade loads start from 200 sacks or more.

Larger loads of 500 bags or more will be supplied on pallets. Access for a 20-tonne flatbed lorry will ensure we can deliver as near as possible to your drop point, a forklift truck is required to unload and must be available on our arrival. Delivery is generally within 5 working days.


Office hour are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, for sales and general enquiries please call or email:

Office: 01302 725 544


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Enquiries & Orders

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