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How to plant trees & shurbs

To plant trees, shrubs or roses in open ground using Mr Muck’s organic horse manure compost, dig a hole at least double the size of the pot or root-ball. Add a good thick layer of the manure into the hole then place the root-ball in the hole so that it is at least 3 inches […]

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How to plant vegetables

To get the most from your vegetable crop this season prepare the soil with a generous layer of Mr Muck’s organic horse manure compost, it’s great for all vegetables! Broad beans Carrots Potatoes Tomatoes Turnips Radishes Broad beans Broad beans will benefit from Mr Muck’s manure, sow in late Autumn to early Spring. Make a […]

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Laying a lawn

When laying new turf, prepare the soil with 1/2 inch (1cm) of Mr Muck’s manure compost, fork well into the soil, lay turfs and tamp down to ensure no air pockets remain. Water well and do not allow turf to dry out, keep well moistened. For seeding new lawns, rake and level removing large stones […]

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Feeding & mulching

Feeding Mr Muck’s organic horse manure compost forked well into the soil will give plants a gentle slow release feed through the summer and help to retain moisture. Use a generous layer for best results. Summer mulching Use 2-3inches (5-7cm) of horse manure compost around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to feed plants, suppress weed growth […]

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