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Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

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For prices and delivery contact us Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

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We offer a reliable & professional service for domestic & trade customers, delivery to all regions within 5 working days.

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Product Details

Delivery throughout the UK

With distribution centres in South Yorkshire and the Midlands we can deliver to 99% of the UK. We deliver direct to your allotment or garden in conveniently sized sacks which are easy to store prior to use (subject to order). Delivery is generally within 5 working days subject to order. Larger amounts available on request, we also welcome trade enquires.

Call 01302 725 544 Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm for prices and to arrange delivery.


About Mr Muck's mushroom compost

Mr. Mucks Mushroom Compost is a mix of chicken and horse manure with wheat straw. Not only is our mushroom compost an exceptional soil conditioner, it is very economic to use on a large scale. It will improve the structure of heavy clay soils, add humus to thin sandy or chalky soils, enrich all soils and supply nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.

Mr. Mucks Mushroom Compost will also increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, which decreases your watering needs.

What is mushroom compost?

Mushroom compost is a type of slow-release, organic plant fertiliser. It is a viable and useful by-product of mushroom farming. The compost is made by using organic materials such as hay, straw, corn cobs and hulls, and poultry or horse manure. These products are formed into a rich organic media.

The mushroom growing process varies slightly between individual growers, this leads to mushroom compost recipes differing to suit the needs of each grower. For instance, additional materials like gypsum, peat moss, lime, soybean meal, and various other organic items may be added to the compost as well. These products are formed into a rich organic compost that serves as the nutrient source for mushrooms.

How is mushroom compost made?

To start with the mushroom compost is sterilised and inoculated with mushroom spawn. Once the mushroom spawn are mixed into the compost, it is steam pasteurised to kill weed seeds and any other unsafe agents. Mushroom composting takes about three to four weeks to process, during which it is monitored closely to maintain adequate temperatures for optimum production. After the process is complete, the leftover compost is disposed of and sold as fertiliser, up to 2 crops of mushrooms are taken from the compost before being released to the landscape market.

Why use mushroom compost?

Mushroom compost is excellent for soil modification as it can radically enhance plant growth, even in the deprived type of soils. This is due to the fact that most of the amended compost serves effectively to improve the clay soil structure, increase soil fertility and lessen the chances of surface crusting as well as compaction. It can also help to improve drainage and ensure that the most natural nutrients are provided to plants which automatically minimizes the need to use fertiliser. Overall, this form of compost is highly beneficial to the soil quality.

How to use mushroom compost?

As a fertiliser and soil amendment, mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of applications such as herbaceous beds, shrubs, vegetables and landscaping.

  • Mulching - use 5-6 inches (13-16 cm) of Mr Mucks Mushroom Compost as a mushroom mulch around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to feed plants, suppress weed growth reduce loss of nutrients from the soil and minimise the work of weeding borders. Through the summer the mulch will retain moisture and protect the soil from drying from sun and wind movement.
  • Soil conditionaing - bring dead soil back to life, use Mr Mucks Mushroom Compost in heavy clay soils to improve the condition or use in light sandy soils to give body and retain moisture. Use 5-6 inches (13-16 cm) forked well into the soil to improve the condition of the soil, reducing heaviness and adding nutrients.

To get the greatest results when gardening with mushroom compost, thoroughly mix it in with the garden soil prior to planting.

Customer Reviews

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Rating: 10/10

superb soil improver

great compost reliable service been using mr mucks for the past 4 years on different projects very pleased oakdale landscapes cheshire

Submitted on: 17/07/2011

Rating: 10/10

good value

i just took delivery off 150 sacks of mr mucks mushroom compost good value compared to other products on the market MR COLLINS NEWARK ,NOTTS

Submitted on: 01/06/2011

Rating: 10/10

new garden heavy clay

just landscaped a new garden the mushroom compost was very good for breaking down the clay would order again mrs bell bath

Submitted on: 19/08/2011

Rating: 10/10

good bulk soil improver

good compost for lighting heavy soil most of my garden is on blue clay the mushroom compost is really helping to break down the soil structure great results for a first time gardener would be happy to use again miss g fisher halifax

Submitted on: 04/10/2011

Rating: 1/10

great service would use again

good rotted compost very help full customer service thanks again mrs cole derby

Submitted on: 25/10/2011

Rating: 10/10

good rotted compost

good rotted compost will keep the frost out this winter mr todd wigan

Submitted on: 28/10/2011

Rating: 10/10

review title

just to say the mushroom compost arrived yesterday and i'm very pleased with the quality .may i also pass on a very good report about the helpful driver who could not do enough to help with positioning this load so as to cause the least inconvenience .top mark to all concerned mr a stewart fontwell -sussex

Submitted on: 24/01/2013

Rating: 10/10

Excellent service & great product

Good compost for helping to break down a heavy soil. Also received prompt delivery & an excellent service from the Company. Would definitely use them again.

Posted by: Les Asquith

Submitted on: 14/03/2016

Rating: 10/10

Excellent Service

I ordered some mushroom compost and then got a trapped nerve in my neck. Tom was always helpful although exasperated when I told him the second date we'd arranged was when I was taking my car in to be repaired. The service goes on to the delivery drivers of another company too. The local people knew where my allotment was and the driver managed to drop the pallets right by my plot.

Submitted on: 21/04/2016

Rating: 10/10

What a find!

The mushroom compost is the best I have yet found, not only that, the delivery was FREE, Tom was efficient, helpful and friendly in all communications and the delivery driver could not have been more helpful in trying to position the pallet in the best place for me. I will certainly use this company again and would recommend Mr Muck to anyone!

Posted by: Anita Sawyer

Submitted on: 04/10/2017