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Organic Manure

Organic manure

Organic manure...

the natural way to feed your garden

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Mr Muck's manure and compost is processed to produce a superb, clean and easy to use fertilizer, which is smell and weed free and also clean and easy to use.

Ideal for many uses throughout the garden or allotment including digging-in, mulching and soil conditioning.


  • Organic Manure

    Organic Manure

    22 reviews

    Perfect for lightening heavy clay soils and giving body and nutrients to light or sandy soils.

  • Mushroom Compost

    Mushroom Compost

    10 reviews

    A mix of chicken and horse manure with wheat straw

  • Ericaceous Compost

    Ericaceous Compost

    4 reviews

    Specially formulated for growing acid loving plants.