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About Mr Muck

Mr Muck's is a well established family
business based in Doncaster, South
Yorkshire, with distribution centres in
Yorkshire, the Midlands and Surrey.

Mr Muck delivers manure, compost and
soil conditioners throughout the UK as
well as a full range of garden products,
please call for more information.

Trades sales & enquiries

We offer a professional and cost effective
services for trades people or assocaitions
requiring larger quantities of Mr Muck's
procucts, read more about our
trade supplies or contact us for
more information.


Our organic manure & compost

Mr Muck's Manure is a fine blend of organic, well rotted horse manure rotted wheat straw with organic additives, processed to produce a superb, clean and easy to use fertilizer, which is smell and weed free.


Organic horse manure


Manure starts off in its natural form,


it is then processed,

Mr Muck organic horse manure compost


and then stored and rotted,

Organic manure compost for UK delivery

Before finally being stacked ready for delivery.

Larger amounts available on request.

 Mr Muck organic horse manure compost

Tom Blair

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